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I am Dr Moduku. I reside in Western part of Africa with my wife Lucy and  my three kids namely: Ikhuoria, Loveth and Evelyn. I love them so dearly.  I have been a professional spell caster  for so many years. I am specialized in love spells, healing spell, restoration spell, marriage spell and spell  for all kinds of problems etc. For over 25 years now that inherited this gift from father, i have been a source of help to both men and women from the nooks and crannies of the world and there have never be disappointment of any kind. I  came from an ancestral line of psychics mediums which enable me to heal or cure all manner of  sicknesses/diseases, restore broken home and help young men and women out there to bring back their lover via the application of my spell. Myself and my family have dedicated our entire lifetime to the world of magics and we practice connecting with the universal forces daily without failure.

My spells and herbs has helped many people from all walks of life. I have a high success rate simply because I understand the magical language very well. In this, out of ordinary language, only one that can access the magical power can foster a proper mindset to utter this special language to influence the universal energies.  
This personal spiritual power that came through the blood of my ancestors has made me and my son Ikhuoria to help align the energies of the universe towards your heart desires. It has been tested and trusted and has worked for so many people across the globe. So it must work for you too.


We are attuned with the energies in the universe. What i do is to craft, shape and release the energies into the universe according to your heart desires. Each case is unique. there is never a one solution fits all problem. What I do is to analyze your case first before proceeding so that your desires can be speedily granted before your eyes. In most cases, some sicknesses only needs the application of herbs. In that case, i do not bother myself applying spells. It is sicknesses like HIV/AIDS that physicians considered incurable that i normally apply my spell and there have never been disappointment. Hundreds of people out there have testified of the power of my spell. So if you are serious about your wishes and heart desires and your intention is honest, I will work with you through the very end. You can contact me now for a free consultation of your situation. Note that i have never misuse this power that i am privilege to inherit from my father many years ago. I do not take people's life but i save people,s life. I do not separate families, but i restore and unit families. May the gods be with you.


               HEALTH:                     SICKNESSES/DISEASES

It is my priority to see that everyone is living in health and vitality. i provide cure to the following sicknesses and diseases with the application of my spell or herbs. Sicknesses/diseases such as : 1.Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), 2.Cancer, 3.Infertility, 4.Sexually transmitted diseases of any kind like HIV and gonorrhea, 5.erectal dysfunction, 6.Diabetes, 7.Tuberculosis, 8.Human Papillomavirus (HPV), 9.Hepatitis 10.Ulcer, 11.Low sperm count, 12.Stroke, 13.Mental disorder, 14.Skin disease of any kind etc.


I have carried out series of researches and i discovered that most of the broken relationships and marriages today are not intentional.  There are external forces responsible for it. But is my joy today that i have a solution to this problems. I have spell to

1. Bring back your ex-lover to you;

2. Stop external forces interfering in your marriage;

3. Restore love and unity in your relationship/marriage.

4. Spell to make your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend to love you very much etc.


1. I have Spell for protection against evil spirit,

2. I have spell for security.



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Whatsapp: +2348100276732

Tel: +2348100276732 

EMAIL: homeofsolutionsandcure@hotmail.com


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